Sunday , May 16 2021

Plechanec acknowledged interest in the extraliga. What did the boss say? What about the national team?

How do you feel after the training on Wednesday?

Not much, I'm entering it. I was wounded for four weeks, and I just walked on ice to just shake my head. It's all the better that I can go for training, but it's not that much I can do more than now. I'm trying to pick up the caliber I lost. Maybe I could start playing in about two weeks. I'm really looking forward to that.

Upon arriving you came to visit Professor Cola Cola for problems with his back. What did the test show?

It has been confirmed that I have no other problems than I already knew after the first test in Canada.

On Tuesday night, you went to the ice with Jaromir Jagro, the player and owner of the knight. Did he already put you in Kladno?

Not. We did not even talk about this either. We called earlier and asked him if I could train in Kladno before I was good. Over time, we sit down and think about something.

Kladno, of course, is very valuable …

I do not want to use anything. So far, I have not solved and did not think much about it. In the meantime, I'm just getting ready and getting a cooler. During this time, I will talk not only with Jarda, but also with other (club owners). Playing with the Jard would be great, but it will play for another four years, so we can solve it.

Ektra-league clubs are also very interested in your services. Trinec, Vitkovice, Talking, Comet and Sparta …

Several clubs sounded, but I did not talk to anyone. I do not want to be specific, it's not worth the time to disassemble. I just said to go into the fitness room now, to train in Kladno and during that time, I will have fun with everyone. Of course I would love to play extralig, I have a little bit in my head, but I really did not think much about it.

What will you decide in the next two weeks?

I decided on how I currently feel best for me. Both the playroom and other sites. I'll give you feelings. Now I want to say hello to feel good and I know I'm 100% ready for the game.

Is there a variant that you would start with Kladno in the first league and one of the extra league?

You try him good … (laughs). But I do not know.

Do you enjoy great interest in your home?

It's nice. I got some news from the clubs, but I do not even know if the candidates are five, six or eight. I do not understand this from my head.

After this year's World Championship, you have announced your completion of the national team. Do not judge your decision to move to Europe?

Definitely not. I will be a fan of the national team, but certainly not a player. Maybe I will help my relatives and I will wear water for the toys (laughter).

Did you decide that you definitely closed your NHL career after finishing Montreal?

Of course. I'm not in the stage to know the phase of my career. I'm thirty-six, NHL with many young hockey players is somewhere else. The hardest moment I experienced when the end came to Montreal and went to the boy in the cabin. When I told them I would finish, Montreal lost interest in me. I realized that I would never go to the cabin where I spent a great career.

When you enjoyed Montreal, a cube over the ice was lit, and the fans prepared the right applause. Were you in that moment overwhelmed?

I did not expect it. It's wonderful that people can appreciate the players for their services, what they did. Whether I am or anyone else. I enjoyed their reaction and I will not forget the rest of my life.

Are you happy that you managed to outperform over a thousand matches in the NHL before the end of the overseas?

It's just a number. The most important are the feelings that a person feels in his career. It's much more valuable. Although 1001 games can look good on paper, I appreciate the emotions and experience I've experienced over the years.

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