Friday , May 14 2021

Poland – esko 0: 1, Jankto decided, Levandovski did not enter the banderu

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Again, the tower was glued. Again, the presentation in a journalist was nice. And on Monday's match in the Norwegian league with Slovakia, it was a victory.


Rate the Polish footballer.

Activated Jankto hit her, he decided, perhaps, the easiest glue in his life. He made a passport for Schick, esk forvard petlail Bednark and managed to steal a bed, but the attempt to hide Skorupsk did not disappear, but returned to Jankt ahead of the stamps.

Guests deserved to go, tried to play in Gdask, quickly returned to my profit, sometimes combined in the field. It seemed that both were good times, it was a defense organization. A great playmaker, who, of course, was an ignorant of the nomad, defeated Levandovskie, a forged house fire.

Perhaps only once it was not and it could fall badly because the Polish captain dropped a huge sleeve of 0: 1. Frankovsky drank before his tattoo. Levandovski did it, the balloon threw the bag between his legs. The venue was a whistle of lungs, and Nathan dug a trick that spoiled her joy. I have tons of me …

Good afternoon, on the other hand, bumper Pavlenk, especially after the inlai hel had an init. With Polish attempts he had to deal with, Klitsch, Zielinsk, Frankovsky. He was safe in the centers and in rozehrvce.

There was no need to disturb the first name from the water, and the football player from a good position and to one of the guests who played.

In the first round, world champions of world championships were, in fact, equated with the fact. Promising monstrous, he did not make Vidra, one of the most active in June. After changing the sides, he made Schick with a sleeve head, which he scrubbed reflexively.


We watched the minute in a few minutes.

Right now in the modern arena, it brought the fog and atmosphere of the chamber, the crowd of sad audience did not have a lot of oil on the collector's box, trying to reach the house. That's why they were entertained by the Mexican waves.

esk defensva was poorly informed after a misunderstanding in the center and the back of his opponent's support. Even Pavlenko, who at the end of the second fired a technical mummy Levandovsk from a few moments.

Representation improved statistics in 2018 in mid-2008. In the past eight seasons, they all marked the tick, and 9. missed it again.

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