Tuesday , January 25 2022

Police intervened at the Rohlik.cz store, arrested eight people in the company and markets


PRAGUE A police party in Prague on Wednesday entered the online store to control the legal employment of foreigners. She held eight people, one of whom was searched at the national level, police spokesman Jan Ribanski said. Blesk.cz said that Rohlik.cz was a controlled store. The owner of this e-commerce store, Tomaš Čupr, said that this is a routine survey conducted by the police in all companies that employ people from abroad.

"According to our information, police representatives and food inspections did not find any major mistakes in Rohlich. The police provided only seven workers of more than 300 who did not have documents and could not file the police on the spot," said Chupr.

However, Ribanski said that they were sentenced to eight. "With six of them, the administrative procedure for administrative expulsion will be launched while they were operating without a permit." One person passed through the register of people seeking a nation. The last, eight, was solved on the spot, and then released, "he said. spokesman.

"We have an indication that our business partner has proven illegal workers with a fake ID card of the EU," ČTP said. According to him, Rohlik.cz can not control documents. "It is the responsibility of our business partner, who guarantees compliance with legal regulations," he said. If it proves that a business partner has failed, Rohlik.cz is ready to cooperate immediately, added Chupr.

The check took place from 10:30 to 13:00. Police officers, along with inspection of food and labor inspections, were audited by hundreds of people. The honor was appreciated by the police approach, which was said to be very correct. Control did not have a major impact on traffic. "We have taken all steps to ensure that no one is employed in our country in contravention of legal regulations," added Chupr.

Police at the Rohlik.cz warehouse in Prague also intervened last year in March, when 85 people who did not have a work permit stayed in the Czech Republic. Then she drove them away.

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