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Previously, they made it easier for pilgrims to compete on the Ale on the year

Height – The next year Survey on the Year of the Survey, thanks to which people can give their "voice" is again here. This year thirteen alphabets compete in the region of Visočina, with Pelhrimovsko most wanting in the fire and a total of seven.

One of the most interesting streets in the competition is the avenue of leaves between Počatki and the village of Kalište in the area of ​​Pelhrimov. It is the longest larch alley not only in Visočina but also throughout the Czech Republic. "It's called Kalista and about two and a half kilometers," said Karl Štefl, the mayor of the beginning.

Marble alley is not quite typical, but there is a reason. "Before the pilgrims arrive in the city and want to continue, for example, in Pelhrim or Jihlavi, our ancestors sent certain streets, so every alley was planted with another tree," Stephl said. In Počatka, in addition to leaves, for example, linden or beech.

Most cities in history have joined the competition. "This year we were the highest nominee for eight years we hold," spokeswoman Arnik Jiri Khan said. "I am very happy that people are more interested in streets every year," said Karolina Kosticova, organizer of Arnika.

The chance to win is not only a few years of the track, but also those that grew up only this year. "There will be elections between the magnificent and recently recently abandoned streets. We expect tensions that will happen with Aleja in 2018," Kostic said.

The youngest streets, named Alej in 2018, are the Trees of the Republic on the trail near Hadin in the Humpolce lake in Pelhrimovo and the fruit in Brzkov in Jihlava.

"We set our street in 2016 and we have apples and sour cherries. All of these trees are designed to be 1000 m above sea level to withstand local conditions," Aleš Boril, Mayor of Aleš Borila, joined Sala for an early warning. At the same time, she nominated her for the competition. "I said why not continue. If they love people, I can give her a voice," the mayor smiled.

On the other hand, among the oldest candidates for the title are Alej on Brale near Kamenica above Lipova in Pelhrimov, limes on the defense of the valley lake at Počatek in the Pelhrimov area and the upstream rock in Stary Ransk in Havlickobrodsk.

It was also nominated for participation in the competition, which is endangered by gradual extinction. This is, for example, the apple apple tree between Komorovica and Mlada Brista in the area of ​​Pelhrimov. Today it consists of 80 trees, about sixty, but originally there were so many. The Green Heart Association proposed a study that, among other things, wants to point out that it could completely disappear over time.

"Fruitful streets are decreasing, so that was the main reason for our nomination. Trees in this street are old and new ones do not melt," said Pavel Koubek, chairman of the Green Heart Association. "I think the fruit belong to the country because they have their meaning there. Editing and securing food for animals, bee-keeping or fruits for other animals," Koubek said, adding the advantage of fruit tree.

There are also paths that are right in towns. Jihlava can support its oak streets and Pelhrim's pink street, which consists of several Sakura trees, and in the spring months one of the biggest decorations of the city.

The most beautiful street this year can be found on vvv.alejroku.cz, and the one most in the eye can vote until January 4, 2019.

Nominated streets in Visočina

Kralice nad Oslavou (TR) – a lime tree
The beginnings of Valchi Lake (PE) – linden
Drachov – Herman (PE) – lime
Hadina in Humpolce (PE) – mixed
Home – Road (PE) – leaves
Malcin (HB) – Maple
Old Ransko (HB) – crown
Komorovice – Ml. Pole (PE) – an apple
Radostine (ZR) – birch
Pelhrimov – sakura
Brzkov (JI) – fruitful
Jihlava – oak
On Bradle in Kamenice n / L (PE) – larch

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