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Putin's witnesses reveal that the Russian president climbed to the top and stayed there – CT24 – Czech television


At the end of 1999, then, Russian President Boris Ieltsin, six months before his term expired, abruptly abdicated and directed the relatively unknown prime minister Vladimir Putin to control. These fateful moments begin documentaries behind the scenes.

Putin, three months later, won the presidential election. "He was a liberal democrat, he realized that this was his key to power." As soon as he won power and grabbed him in his hands, he dropped that mask, "says the director who testifies the Putin path.

At the Russian premiere, the film is still waiting

Vitaly Mansky, who lives in Latvia today, was the last director to come closer to Putin. "At that time, Mansky was the director of Russian television, he had confidence in the Kremlin, and that's why the Kremlin let him in his palaces," says co-producer and documentary Filip Remunda.

However, he became one of the critics of the regime from the official policy documentary at the highest level. The director is now 18 and has his own comments and other contexts. For example, most of Putin's supporters then moved to the opposition sooner or later. Just the closest Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

At the International Fair in Karlovy Vary this year, the witness was awarded the best documentary film by Putin. The film is also screened in Canada or the UK, but the Russian prime minister is still expected.

"After the film premiering in Karlovy Vary, Putin signed a law, which closed the last jump that an independent film could get to the Russian spectator. He signed the law on the control of the festival," says Vitali Mansky.

"For the Czech center of Moscow, this means that since November, we can not organize a scan of Czech films without a license for distribution in the Russian Federation," says the director of the Czech center Hana Skladalova. The Czech Center in Moscow and the representatives of European countries sent an unsatisfactory letter to the Russian Ministry of Culture and Foreign Affairs in September, but remained unanswered.

The name of Vitalija Manski is not known to the Czech festival audience. Three years ago, the Jihad Prize winner received a prize for the Potemkin facade at KPD in the sunshine.

In 2013, Karlovy Vary praised his document Roure, in which he watched stories of people living along the Trans-Siberian gas pipeline. Both titles were created in the co-production of the Czech Television, as well as the last one that just entered Czech cinemas.

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