Wednesday , September 28 2022

Rasprodato! Tickets to the Swiss derby were just dusty


Silesian derby between the opponents of the Opava and Ostrava spectators sold the stadium. According to the announcements of both clubs, all cards for lovers of the house and guests were sold. Silesian FC announced on its website that the audience will have 6385 spectators, including about a thousand fans from Ostrava.

Vlastimil Vacek, Okay

The match between Opava and Banik is due to rivalry among fans, with the support of friendly Polish clubs on both sides, probably the most risky sporting match in the country. Interactions in the last fifteen years have been accompanied by riots in the streets, two of the last three matches in the second division and the National Cup, fans have penetrated the playground and the games had to be interrupted for several minutes.

The match will be held on Saturday afternoon at 2 pm at the Opava Stadium in the municipal settlements.

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