Thursday , October 6 2022

Raubir Ramos smashed the nose of Havel's elbows! Milan, sorry, Star Real wrote


Viceroi Victoria spent the night in the hospital before having another exam. Ramos, who fled the incident without penalty, apologized to Havil after the match. "I did not mean to hurt you, Milan. I want you an early recovery and get back on the pitch," wrote a Spanish national on his tvitter account. According to Jani Kopica, linker Ramos was looking for Havel after the match, he probably wrote an apology.

What exactly happened? At 13 minutes, Havel tried to reach the full speed of Ramos, but he set the elbow in his own way, sent him to the ground. The blood started to emerge from the nose and healed behind the side line. The Supreme Court did not respond …

"Football is a contact sport, sometimes there are things when wiping someone … This is the result of the game, at least I hope it was not the intention," said coach Pavel Vrba immediately after the match, which had to replace Havel in the first half.

By the steady action of the foot, Real Buzzing, behind the elbow in Pilsen, takes on social networks across Europe. Unlike the Vrba, respondents have something to say: Ramos deliberately took Havel.

"If I had to pick the most footballers in football history and gave him a number on a zero-to-zero scale, I would give Ramos 100,000," wrote Jimmy Conrad on Twitter.

Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp does not think about Ramos. He recently said he was rude on the pitch. In the first half of the game, Ramos in the spring championship final of the Champions League was the biggest star of Liverpool Salah. The procedure was called Clopp wrestling. Captain Real recalls again …

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