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REVIEW: Cowboy Earth Cowboy at Pota. Inferno from Ewa Farna


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Behind the pbhu writer, there are a couple of pairs, rivaled by his life companion, Ivan Pokorn, with the discovery of a promising actor, Tom Daleck, in the leading role of an estimated cowboy at the door .

Ovem pbh established on the current border emerged in co-production and the nmet actors, respectively, dubbing, are taking points.

In the same way, the birefringence is the content. Wherever they are in front of their children, their problems with their parents, their friends and their first bears, have quite natural nodes and spells. At the same time, a schematic social drama from a forgotten region is played by the loss of a dog from a dubious businessman and a strict rule that stalled widows of Stanislav Majer's neoczalm will be drove to the building.

Daleck has chosen his premise, and he is a guy on his bike, rubs him in the cemetery or makes his ass for the handicapped, charming himself. Surprisingly, the author's debut also features Ewa Farna in bed with a stepmother. On the other hand, the memory of the child of his mother's mother was born, documentalist Jrgen Rehberg, who apparently won the space with the Fortunate Mountains, with humor in the space of the Fortunate Mountains. Even this is one of the reasons why the knots and the proportion, although totally free and emotional, of children's children's festival on children is not the movie for children.

Differences between them and against them. The time of urban breakdown is exactly the same, but the reason in a multi-cultist way is similar to the whole formula and co-production of the phranin community.

Knots and proportions

Czech Republic / Germany / Slovakia, 2019, 92 min (TV version: 87 min)

Reie: Ivan Pokorn


Play: Tom Daleck, Emilie Neumeister, Stanislav Majer, Ewa Farna, Leo Noha, Steffen Groth, Eva Saklov, Anton Petzold, ubo Kosteln, Petra Bukov, Elizaveta Maximov, Lenka Loubalov, Dietmar Voigt

Evaluated: 60 %

In a way, a staging of Zdivel Zemin Doby for a different performance is done with another generation, which will also study the performance of the horse on the horse through a video of potato. Even so, keep a romantic duo, it will be accompanied by the motifs of the western harmonica.

Obas Nusos and relative, you have had a bureaucrat to cross a flea from the farm in the yard and, sometimes, the dungeon will breathe the adrenaline when it comes to stabbing the mares. At the end of the bag, the child's end finally gets stuck at the end of the bag: the moment the hero learns that he has lied and understood.

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