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Scam to viewers? The unsuccessful film with Luke Vondrakov was manipulated by rating


November 9, 2018 14:08

Someone else tried to forge a comedy rating in the Bosnian-Czech database, where viewers comment and evaluate films. Although we have informed you about the possible confusion of the Canadian movie for 2004 erotic action Perfect Kiss, the film is estimated at about 45 percent. And allegedly it was allegedly the five-point, the highest rating, comparable to the most famous Oscars.

The film was very negatively commented on, and suspicious numbers were immediately noticed by current users of the site. "This estimate is only due to the participation of click farms, the actual rating of 5%," wrote one of the popular film users. "30 suddenly registered fake accounts gave them full stars, so that's bullshit," he added.

After many complaints, site owners hit and shouted their suspicious accounts. Finally, they found that the user accounts that gave the highest ratings had a profile based on the same day and hour.

It was so clear that these were not objective audiences of the audience. Once these ratings have been deleted, the The Perfect Kiss dropped to 15%. That was the only thing with Luke Vondrackov who inherited only Decibelles of Love, which fell by a percentage below. The Babylonian Trilogy was over twenty percent. A perfect kiss dropped into the "waste" box in the movie database.

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