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Seven dead for the first weekend on the roads –


The worst day was Saturday, when five people died.

"On Friday we had a person killed Saturday, unfortunately, five killed and on Sunday also a deadly accident," Lerch said.

The balance is preliminary, it can be exacerbated by accidents in the afternoon and at night.

One of the accidents happened, for example, on the I / 7 road to Studeněves in Kladno on Saturday night. An automobile driver died after hitting a truck. During the accident of Šumperk, a motorcyclist died on Saturday afternoon; a traffic accident in Kladno did not survive on Sunday morning.

Total for June 58 of extinct human destinations

"As for the month of June, there is a relatively high increase, since after five months there was a decline," Lerch said in the balance of the final month, of which 58 people died on the roads.

According to Lerch, the so-called vulnerable road users, that is, cyclists, who died on the 17th month, contributed to tragic statistics. Accidents also claimed the lives of six pedestrians and three cyclists. Passenger drivers died on June 22, their new passengers.

The warm weather is negative

The largest number of fatal accidents could, according to Lerch, also affect high temperatures, especially at the end of June. "The warm and sunny weather causes more vulnerable users on the road, although it has a very negative impact on the driver's attention. Most of these traffic accidents were caused by neglect and, of course, Fatigue could have been there, "explained Lerch.

Even in the case of dead motorcyclists, accidents with other motorcycle drivers have been overlooked, Lerch said. "This means that the warm weather, the strong sun, negatively affects the traffic," he added. According to him, the police also saw several traffic accidents with serious consequences caused by drink drivers. "What, nevertheless, shows the irresponsibility of the drivers of vehicles in question," added Lerch.

Traffic accidents have taken 235 casualties since the beginning of the year, seven more than in the same period of the previous year.

Holidays at risk

Summer vacations are, according to statistics, the most serious period of the roads. Last year, 119 people died in holiday accidents. A few serious traffic accidents last year were related to the growth of the road to normal traffic, with fatigue or inattention as the main cause.

Last year, the police also increased the number of victims if they did not take into account driving preferences, while accidents were reduced due to the lack of adjustment of road speed.

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