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Sting and Shaggy brought the hits and reggae to Prague


The long line, which was formed in front of Farm Karlin on Friday night, began to last up to half an hour, half an hour before the concert began. Frozen fans, however, entered the corridor and, with the musical gratitude, they starved the duo for the third time for the third time. The British composer, singer, bassist and soul and tight musician Sting returned to Prague for a year and a half, where he also invited the Jamaican repertoire Shaggy. And together with the six accompanying musicians, they showed an energetic show full of reggae and classic hits of Stinga, to the police.

Sting, who celebrated his sixtieth birthday six months ago, is not afraid of the experiment. On the contrary, he is looking for new musical tracks, but he remains alone. When he first joined Shaggi, he only planned to record musical stands for Caribbean sounds in the song Do not wait. The collaboration of musicians, which combines love with reggae and the country where this style is popular music, is amusing enough to record the whole album and a joint tour. They are called 44/876 by telephone preferences from the UK and Jamaica.

Rock ballads, rap and fine double voices

It was not just a combination of numbers. The Prague concert proved to be the perfect combination of genres and characters. Musicians led by Sting behind the microphone and bass and colorful dance Shaggim with a microphone in a hand-held concert began with a hit Englishman in New York, occasionally modified predictably in Jamaica in New York. The hits Sting made on their account with a beautiful line changed the songs from the new album "Caribbean" overflowing with Shaggi rapping and the audience leader under the reggae rhythm. The audience met Message in a Bottle, Every little thing She does Magic, Every breath you take, Desert Rose, gold fields and other hits. This was often special with Shaggy's tail decorations.

While Sting uncompromisingly and remarkably emerged from one song to another, Shaggi's fifty-year-old saw enthusiasm as an entertainer. He constantly invited the audience for cooperation, dance and applause. In the poem Crooked Tree he trained the judge's dress and put a wig to condemn Stinga in a strip of tricks for impenetrable sins on the stage. Sting again proved that although the vocal range moved a little, there was a beautiful color of voice and the ability to grab his songs and emerge exceptionally long in one ton and he would not give up. Shaggy again showed how many words he can say in a rhythm in one verse, singing women in the audience and insignificantly assuming the role of the show. Still, he managed to adapt himself to the double vocal he sang with his British counterpart, for example Fragile.

As the music energy gradually passed on to the audience, the atmosphere in the hall was gaining strength. After Sting presented his accompanying musicians, including, in addition to Shaggy, two guitarists, a drummer, a keyboard player and two excellent vocalists, each of whom had their own solo, had to come twice to the podium. Yes, as Sting sang So, Lonely, Welcome to these two men.

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