Tuesday , May 17 2022

Stolen 2 million kronor: Businessman revealed a fraud about his daughter's photo


On Tuesday, two men in Düsseldorf, western Germany, were sentenced to six and ten months in prison for the theft of more than a hundred mobile vcs on conditional disposal.

DPA said. The buckets of a total value of 70 thousand euros (1.8 million kuna) gradually disappeared from the landfill site of the waste disposal company.

Both verdicts acknowledge that mobile toiletries have been sold by a broker to the Netherlands. Buyers even came to see them in Dusseldorf. The toilet was gone, the owner noticed it after a few months.

Their photographs were found on the Internet – they were taken directly to the location of their company and found her daughter. There were only three of the missing cubicles lying in the woods. Both workers have lost their jobs and will have to pay damages.

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