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The dengue chamber had half of France


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The neighboring tiger elephant (Aedes albopictus), who came from Asia, permanently inhabited 51 of the 101 French departments. In 2017, the widows registered their only presence in 42 suitable units.

Except practically all of France, there is a chamber in the northern department of Aisne, who is playing with Belgi.


The tiger cub entered the middle of the French department. (big big red, bad luck)

I understand penetrating viruses that cause fever, joint pain, headaches and muscle. In Europe, France first appeared in 2004 in the vicinity of Nice. In addition, global warming and intensive international transport are the mainstream.

An individual of this type of mosquito is not obligated to spread some of the changes in the virus, but only when it sucks the blood of an infected hunter, that is, outside of Europe. Since the first inauguration of a 10-year-old warrior, 22 rows have been infected with dengue virus and 31 have been infected with chikungunya pmo in France.

Since 2012, Tiger Tiger has also appeared at Beclav in Jin Morav.

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