Thursday , August 11 2022

The email addresses the form of the packages, other emails do not –


Other freight forwarders do not solve this. They do not insist on standardized boxes, they do not care about the indeterminate form of the package, nor do they indicate the exact location of the carrier's address.

"We do not have the prescribed boxes or their type. The limitation applies to dimensions of two meters in length or three meters in circumference and the criterion is the weight, "said Pavel Včela, director of GLS Czech Republic.

The weight is also based on PPL messaging and package services, with a maximum of 31.5 kilograms for private recipients, 120 x 60 x 60 cm for businesses and business packages.

According to Bee, people should sufficiently secure the package and the merchandise, without using laces or straps, as there is a risk of attacking the shipment in carriers and possible damages. Do not care about the black sheets in bullets, for which you pay for ČP. "The color of the film is not a problem for us and we do not penalize our customers for that," says Bee.

According to him, even the possible deviation from the location of the sender and the recipient to the package with which ČP may have a problem is not insoluble, as Law has recently demonstrated.

"If we have a contact (email, mobile) to the sender and the recipient, in case of ambiguity it is not a problem to contact them and solve any complications immediately," he described the practice of the shipping company Včela.

Half a million packages per day

More than half a million packages are sent daily to the Czech Republic, with a constant increase in the number of shipments from online stores. The numbers of the quota of purely private packages in these volumes are not available. However, the growth in the popularity of the sale of "anything" through second-hand servers suggests that the annual growth trend of around 10 percent is real, calculates Bee.

According to him, logistics companies depend not only on the speed of delivery and reliability, but also on the communication with customers.

But even among them, problems may appear. "I brought the package to the customer and then stated that I did not understand it, and that I wanted compensation, it was a bicycle. He stated that the signing of the delivery protocol was not yours. Fortunately, we showed him that he was Lying, "said the driver of another large transportation company.

He suggested that some companies and, apparently, recorded audio at the time of delivery to avoid unauthorized claims and disputes. "We are not doing this with us. Proper delivery can only be documented for the time, GPS position and signature on the scanner of the delivery controller. As the success of the next installment day delivery reaches 95% for private addresses, the percentage of these claims is scarce, "said Bee.

There are also non-standard situations. GLS has recently sent a package to Germany. But just after the sender, the sender knew that the recipient was a cheater that would not pay the goods. The transport company demanded its immediate interruption and return. "Since several million packages circulate through the GLS network every day and deliver packages from the Czech Republic to Germany in 48 hours, it was a very demanding event for ours and our German customer service Luckily, with a good end, the package has already returned to the sender, "concludes Bee.

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