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The guy is wonderful. Then he shook the blows. The slap is set to one side and Serena is not afraid


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She was smiling. She made a gesture. He joked He made sure his answer was helpful. He also saw the conversation as a pleasant thing. Perhaps even after this attention will be overcome again with his retirement.

Uncle continues to crash. Mucha ends after the fight

Wimbledon News

The winning gesture of Barbora Strýcova in the quarterfinals of Wimbledon.

In London, it was ninth. Uncle had two more victories behind her. The single on Konta and the debut with Sie from Taiwan on the Romanian duo Begu, Niculescu.

The key event, of course, was its first breakthrough in the Grand Slam semifinals in single.

Why now and why, Barboro? What do you think
This is the question. Because I'm older and I'm more happy with tennis. I do not know …

After an impressive twist in the 16th round, he tried to moderate his enthusiasm. Povedlo se?
If. It was strange Like now. I'm in the semifinal, I'm also happy, happy. But I do not say: "Yes, shit!" And that should be so. The tournament is not over yet. When I hit the last balloon, the time comes.

Have you managed to do what you did?
Really not. One hour after the game I started playing on track number 12. I did not have time to realize that I am in my favorite tournament semifinal. But I stayed in the competition, which I am proud of.

You are the newest oldest of the Grand Slam semifinal to be open. Have you ever thought that you would never go so far?
I have always dreamed of something like this. I established Wimbledon as the objective of this year, only that I wanted to be in the best way. It's amazing that it was made.

What was your boss in 1: 4 in the first set?
I'm not used to focusing myself. At first I heard all the sounds, a pin that fell to the ground. I was nervous: "Wow, I'm here in the quarterfinals of Wimbledon against England." When I lost 1: 4, I started to show the performance I wanted. I got off, I started moving better, I built my trust in me, it helped me break myself and get it.

And what did you find a 5: 1 score on the second set?
I was completely calm in my area. I did not feel the stress, what's strange. But I think it's fine.

Did you notice that Konta s? Fades?
He did not look at her Of course, I know that he made more mistakes, but I forced them. I changed the rhythm, I woke up the blows, and sometimes I included the service – called. I did not know what to expect from me. And it spoils what I wanted.

Serena Williams is waiting for you now. Awakens your reputation, your skills and your list of accomplishments in rivals?
I do not have it. I'm attentive to my game. Of course, it is stronger, but I will try to use my weapons. I want to fight for each ball and enjoy the battle. I have nothing to lose.

How difficult is to return your presentation?
If it works well, you almost have no hope of returning. I will try to recover the wounds as much as possible and begin the exchanges in which my possibilities will grow. And I will also focus on my own presentation.

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