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There is no tram between Lazarska and Prague



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The transport company will be repaired on Thursday, November 8th, and this ends on Monday, November 19th in the tent.


Recently, DPP closed the streets of Mislkov and Lazarsk, Lazarsk and Splen. Because of these closures, they had to drive the tram to a redirect and did not even leave.

The transport company now passes on routes with several established connections, some of which are new.

As for the inhuman tram, you will not be standing in the classical Lazar street, nbr in Karlovo NN.

Change of tram lines

  • The line. 2 will run on the route Sdlit Petina Chotkova sadist Malostransk (to Nbe E. Benee) First faculty Malostransk Sdlit Petini.
  • The line. 9 will be canceled.
  • Connections lines. 16 will be taken on the path Lhovec Sdlit epi.
  • jLines. 18 and 93Theater Alberto Nrodn will redirect stations Vto, Palackho nmst and Jirsk nmst.
  • The line. 22 will be canceled.
  • Lines. 23 and 97 club Palackeho nmst, Jirskovo nmst, Nrodn theater (na nbe) and Staromstsk will be redirected to Karlovo nmst Malostransk.
  • The line. 41 in Lazar Malostransko there will be castles Karlovo nmst, Palackhonmst, Jirskovo nmst, Nrodn theater (for nbe) and Staromstsk.
  • The line. 98 Lazarsk Andl will be redirected to the stations of Karlovo Nistro, Palackeho namesti and Zborovsk.
  • The line. 99 there will be departure from Palackeho namesti, Jirskovo namesti, Nrodn teatra (on Nobelove), Staromstsk, Malostransk and Malostransk nmst.

The central point of nonch line TRAM is in Karlovo nmst.

New tram lines

  • Daily tram lines will be introduced . 32 and 39.
  • The line. 32 on route Bl Hora Vipich Malovanka Prask Malostransk castle Andl Kotlka Motol Širite eps (connections will end in the center of the Vipich and Kotlka tribunes).
  • The line. 39 on the road Ndra Hostiva Radoovik / Ndra Pages Koh-i-noor Vrovik nmst Nmst Mru I. P. Pavlova Karlovo nmst Lazarsk Vclavsk nmst Hlavn ndra Olansk Biskupcova Ohrada Spojovac (in Ndra Pages Ndra Hostiva only when the connection type).

Changes in tram stops

Transport company at Malostransky stop at Edvard Bene (bridge) and Malostransk Letensk street in Klrova street (in both directions).

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