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They are against Polish blood. How are you hanging out with Levandovski? | football

GDASK / PRAGA And the footballer stands in the middle of the evening in Gdask Poland, leading one of the world's best footballers Robert Levandovski.

Let the poll be among the football team members. What do you think about Levandovsky?

Obrnce Filip Novak: Triple Nile League Cricket. One of the first five planets. Yes, sit down.

tonk Matte Vidra: Top, top, top. Stupid extract.

Poland esko

  • The real match is played today at 18:00 in Gdask (T Sport).
  • Klosner's main decision (vc.).

Report probability:

  • Poland: Fabianski – Bereszinski, Kaminski, Bednarek, Matinija – Blaszczikovski, Gralski, Zielinski, Grosicki – Levandovski, Piatek.
  • esko: Pavlenka – Kadebek, Kalas, Elstka, Novak – Pavelka, Darida – Vidra, Dokal, Jankto – Schick.
  • See online at Sport.lidovki.cz.

Yes, that would be ct.

Brank Tom Vovlk: Levandovski? I immediately think about his head in nine minutes.

How to shoot!

In 2015 it was 8 minutes and 59 seconds towards assimilation. The captain of Poland, despite the incredible death penalty against Wolfsburg, wrote a record in Ginis's book. I never do this. He was gentle, he said.

they hope that Robert Levandovski will not be in the last few days.

Messi, Ronaldo … and Lev

Representation under the new train Yaroslav Ilhava will be able to clear his rule, and Levandovskich's concert would not fit.

The question is whether the best Polish team ever entered the match because you were slightly injured. His name bag in the Gdask anchor in the Baltic Sea even resonates.

Poland Portugal (sad
And there it is! thank you

You just came across a tonic with such an indifferent balance. From the long-term point of view, probably only Superman Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. In representing Levandovsky at 55 g, he is historically the greatest Polk. In the chronicles of the famous Bayern Munich in the 166th gl pl pt pt, the piem went only in the fifth season.

It's a good idea to play such a game. Levandovski um veechno. Left foot, right, head, kick, kick. High, fast, technical. And he's so cold-blooded, and he does not want to see him, Lil Vaclk.

It will be 30 years when the national team will resist its favor and support the contract before midnight against Slovakia. In Poland, this is not about points, about suicide and interaction. The next fight in the Nation League will be the fight against who will be the last in the group and head to the division. This is the right place for Euro2020 Eurosport rating. It is not allowed in Eden.

But we are going north from Poland to the Gdask tent. Accordingly, golden paint for more than 40 hours. Mete from here, to see the mosque or the Levand diving, while the hike in blue blows retracts into the star or collect towers.

He won the trophy for the best Polish player in seven years: 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017. He lived in Dortmund, Bayern and before the summer world championship he decided to be Real Madrid. The fact has changed him for that. Jane Real swore.

How was the World Cup?

Ticletilet Levandovski, the man Karate Kennel Anne and the pedant on ivotosprvu, had to drop in. MS in Russia is not. Not listed dn gl. He was just a star star who fought. I was kicked out of it, not a slap: I would not have a night to sleep. She hurt me. That hocness!

Before the tournament, the Poles boast that the generation will not be more than a quarter. Reality? The last place in the groups. Biao-czervoni also shot with his captain, and it would not be surprising if Levandovski finished. It is assumed that they will find motivation. Nael, because he did not want to lie in the wild.

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