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Tynu Burned showed his face for the first time! "My return is closer!"


Seven months have passed since the fateful holiday in Turkey, which has changed the beauty of the Internet of the life of Tychy Tresnicki. Since then, youtuberka has spoken several times and even showed up to the burned hands until today, but his face has not seen anyone.

On Tuesday, Tuesday, for the first time on Tuesdays, he showed part of the face and neck in the history of Instagram. "I had my first reconstructive surgery, when we gave the scar to the neck. Everything is well cured and my return is a bit closer," Tresnicka told his fans.

Kristýna Třešňáková suffered serious burns during a cooking show by the famous Salta Baeho chef in Istanbul. During the performance, the staff made a mistake and the flames hit a nice tuber on the upper part of the body, including the face.

Tynu has become popular with her beauty, fashion and makeup videos. After the burns, it stopped appearing on social networks for a long time. But from the beginning it can boast a positive attitude and optimism.

"I was very lucky to be burned. Certainly, it could have been a lot worse, I was worried about my sight, etc. But everything is in order and if everything is cured, it should go away without any consequence," Týn wrote shortly afterwards of the incident.

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