Sunday , May 22 2022

VEATHER VEATHER: The first snow fell into the Czech Republic …


Czech Republic – Czech Republic snowed first snow today. Time has hampered transport for drivers both in the mountains and in the mountains. Even tomorrow, snow in the lowlands will come and then disappear again.

In mountainous areas, snow should fall for more days. In the lowlands there is ice and ice. The situation will be disturbed by the situation not only for people, birds and other animals that will find these cold days hard to find food. It would be appropriate for birds not only to help them, to feed them and feed them in the feeder. What can you find in a local or state ornithological society?

Monday will be partly cloudy and partly cloudy. First in Bohemia, locally and elsewhere, rare snowfall, especially in the mountains and mountainous areas of the country. Less than 300m mixed occasionally. Watch out for! Evening can be ice. The highest temperature will be from -3 to + 3 ° C and in the mountains over 1000m around -4 ° C. Slight east to northeast wind 3 to 7m / s.

On Tuesday night, cloudy and cloudy. Light snow in the southwest and in the south. The lowest temperatures will be +1 to -3 ° C. Occasionally it can be frozen again. The mild eastern wind 3 to 7m / s in the southwest gradually decreases about 15m / s.

Tuesday will be cloudy to several clouds. In the south-west of the south, on most of the territory, snowfall is occasional. Gradually in a position below 300 meters, and in the afternoon and evenings in Moravia and Silesia below 1000 meters, precipitation will gradually mix or fall. It falls rarely in the northeast. In the evening, rocks are frozen. Evening can occasionally form ice. During the day the temperature will be from 0 to + 4 ° C in the mountains above 1000 m around -2 ° C. Light east and northeast wind 3 to 7m / s. In the south-west of the territory, fresh eastern and southeastern winds range from 5 to 9m / s from 15m / s. In the mountains about 20m / s. The wind in the afternoon and evening hours is fading.

The center will be covered
mild snow or snooze. In the northeast, in the morning and elsewhere, it rarely freezes
collision. Rare fogs will be created, they are initially frozen. They will be at night
temperatures from +2 to -2 ° C During the day the temperature will rise to 1 to 5 ° C. In the northeast -1
to + 2 ° C Middle east and northeast wind 2 to 6m / s.

Thursday will be too late
cloudy, partly cloudy. At night and in the morning a little cold. At night
temperatures drop to +2 to -2 ° C. The day will be +2 to 6 ° C in the northeast from 0 to
+ 3 ° C Middle east and southeast wind 2 to 5m / s.

Friday will be cloudy with light clouds, occasional fog with occasional showers, at night and freezing in the morning. In the mountains and mountainous regions of the Republic, it is sometimes quiet. The night will be +2 to -2 ° C. Day will be 2 to 6 ° C. Moderate south-east wind 2 to 5m / s.

Jiri Hausner,

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