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Vodafone receives the green light of CE, it becomes the leading provider of Internet –


The whole transaction is worth 18.4 million euros, that is, 471 billion crowns. It is one of the biggest acquisitions in the history of Vodafone.

The Commission affirmed that the consent was conditioned by the fulfillment of all the Vodafone commitments that it had made to protect the competition. But it is basically a formality and nothing stops finishing the entire agreement. According to operators' representatives, the acquisition must be completed on July 31.

The operator plans other investments

Thanks to the acquisition, the Czech branch Vodafone will significantly strengthen its position in the market for Internet connections. The merger will expand the customer base for 1.5 million new-generation families that will provide more than half a million fixed-line customers with high-speed, 539,000 cable customers and 200,000 fixed-line subscribers.

"The Czech Republic has a very competitive industrial base and is at the forefront of various industries. However, he can only maintain this leadership if he successfully digitalizes his industry, society, education or services, "said Petr Dvořák, CEO of Vodafone, Czech Republic.

"The condition to maintain this position of leadership in the Czech Republic is also a strong technological platform that allows fast and successful digitalization, which we can offer through this connection," added Dvorak.

Therefore, Vodafone will invest in mobile and high-speed optical infrastructures after the merger in the Czech Republic and also plans to develop fixed, mobile and converged services.

The most important player in Europe

Obviously, the Vodafone Group will also improve its acquisition beyond the Czech Republic, especially in Germany, Hungary and Romania, where Liberty Global also operates.

Thanks to the merger of the two companies, Vodafone will become one of the main European players in the market for Internet connections. Together, the group will have 116 million mobile customers and 22 million customers of cable and high-speed new generation that cover 122 million homes and businesses.

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