Monday , May 16 2022

We have other priorities from the final table, reports Captain Dockal before the battle with the Slovaks


Vlastimil Vacek, Okay

Awareness that it is enough for the Slovakians to get a non-selective result in the home match must be calm before the game.

I think it would be good to calculate this before the game and count on it. Of course, this can be one of the factors in which, in the case of a satisfactory result, we can respond in the last minutes, but we have priorities prior to the match.

And that?

Maintain the standard we showed in previous encounters and move it as much as possible. We managed to flip and change the atmosphere that was followed by the team, I believe that the public understands us differently. This is very important for us, so we want to proceed with this step by step.

But the results and placements in the table are evaluated …

We know what is being played and, of course, we want to stay in the position we are facing before the game. But at the same time, we are at a stage in which the mentioned priorities are at least as important as the final table of the group.

However, Slovaks are slightly more antagonists than other opponents.

Every footballer likes matches when he has a lot. But I certainly do not feel that we will be under tremendous pressure just because we play with Slovakia.

But the face and the speech of the Slovakian representation changed from the victory in October, which was proved in a high victory on Friday compared to the winner of the group in Ukraine.

We watched the sword and taste of the Slovakians really visible. At the same time, the attitude of the Ukrainians who knew in advance that they were the winners of the group was visible. In addition, they missed important players in the basic set, although they tried to play the same way as in previous matches, they lacked quality. The Slovaks could use it.

Is your attitude to representing in Slovakia even after his victory over Ukraine has not changed?

In football, there is always a direct confrontation and a lot of factors that come into play. The Slovaks made several changes in the set and it was good to see new players, get to know their qualities and see how they fit into the team's team concept.

So, what is the picture of today's greater confrontation?

Two similar teams will meet, like a month ago in Trnava. There were minor changes in both teams, but nothing matters. So I expect a two-way hacked match in which both teams make the most of their success.

Three times after the arrival of the new coach, Shilhavi led the team as captain and every time he was a successful performer. Did you wait for an annual absence in the national team to make it so good?

I did not feel the absence of leaving the national team and there should be doubts about whether I can succeed in returning. I think it's more important that the office develops and moves than I feel. What is important is the great commitment that is visible to our team and which I feel out of it. That was so before the game with the Polish, so it is before the match with Slovakia.

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