Tuesday , May 11 2021

WHO: Ebola epidemic in Congo lasts half a year in Congo

The worst ebola epidemic in Congo, which claimed more than two hundred lives, is expected by the World Health Organization (WHO) by the middle of next year. Reuters reported today. Cross-fever is mainly transmitted to informal therapeutic treatments, said the epidemiologist of the WHO Peter Salam.

The WHO's work in the epicenter of infectious diseases in the east of the country is hampered by the numerous and mobile populations, the anxiety caused by two armed groups and the spread of illness in unofficial treatments, Salama said. In the province of North Kivu, where the epidemic erupted, 333 cases of this disease were reported.

One of the main causes of disease spread is the existence of hundreds of treatment facilities that offer traditional and modern practices in Bena, the metropolis of the province. Half of the victims were reported in the province's capital.

Unofficial treatments have not been regulated, they have not been diagnosed to diagnose fever, let alone treated, Salama said. Many of them have no water. Patients usually require injections because they are considered more effective, and the needles are usually used multiple times.

Not everyone is ill, especially children diagnosed with malaria, which is initially almost identical to that of Ebola, in an unregulated medical institution, according to an epidemiologist. It spreads through direct contact with the blood or body secretion of the infected. The virus causes fever and internal and external bleeding, and about a half of the infected go away.

WHO: Ebola epidemic in Congo lasts half a year in Congo

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