Tuesday , June 22 2021

Windows 10 Explorer has new disk and folder icons. This is how they will look – Živě.cz

In the fall, we will see a new look in Windows. Until now, it looked like they would be mostly modern applications, but now Microsoft has started repainting the rest of the system.

The most recent change is the redesigned folder or disk icons in Windows Explorer. The company showed the news in the current trial version of Tens, which is distributed among members of the Windows Insider program.

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You’ll recognize the new icons (right) in Windows Explorer at a glance

Although there are typical yellow folders in the system, individual quick links to libraries have a strong coloration and rule out the effect of the open folder. Everything is flatter and adapts better to the whole look. In addition to the new folders, the Quick Access sidebar icons have been changed, and there are also redrawed icons for My Computer.

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The basket has finally changed

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