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A total of 97 million people under the initiative Sisi tested 100 million health


Dr. Aslam Ammar, assistant director of the National Committee for the Protection of Hepatitis Viruses of the Ministry of Health and Population, examined 9.7 million Egyptian people at the initiative of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to 100 million health, to eliminate C virus and uncover unavoidable diseases.

The meeting was held under the title "Role of public policies in the management of epidemics, especially viral hepatitis" within the third conference of the African Foundation for the Treatment of Hepatitis Virus, held under the title "Capacity building in the liver of the liver of African Union member states" with the participation of experts From 20 African countries, with the support of the AU Commission for Scientific and Technical Research.

Dr. Aslam Ammar, Assistant Executive Director of the National Committee for the Fight against Viral Virus from the Ministry of Health and Population, thanked the African Union for inviting Egypt to present its experience in the fight against hepatitis. Hepatitis viruses are among the most important causes of death.

He pointed out that the second phase will start operating in January 2019 in 11 provinces, adding that the order begins to register on the website by entering a national number or sending a message to the phone number, and then responding to it and measuring height and weight and analysis with the note that the official enters the data and the Medical Patient Document.

He said that hepatitis A is one of the most important challenges facing Egypt, adding that the national campaign of schistosomia started from 1950 to 1980, resulting in a large number of infections due to infected people and the transmission of hepatitis 3.7% Causes of death after cardiovascular disease.

He pointed out that in 2010 the highest mortality rate due to the death of 72 to 5 deaths in men between 50 and 54 years of age, resulting in a national strategy for the treatment of the disease, a Committee for the fight against diseases and guidelines for the disease map .

He added that President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi's initiative to investigate 60 million Egyptians will eliminate patients by 2020 and prevent virus infection, stressing that the initiative includes several axes of the first treatment of interferon patients, and the second treatment of all patients and respondents and interviewed citizens, adding that since 3006 300 000 patients have been treated in all provinces of interferon, but the response did not exceed 60%, in addition to its complications, in which there are strikes, and for this is the use of other types of drugs and lasts about 9 months.

He pointed out that the National Committee launched a research and detection site, and on the first day there were 100,000 cases and the second day 500,000 patients, and by October 1.7 million patients were registered, and after registration 24 hours the patient has a date detection and sound waves, then go to the clinics, then Al – Al.

He emphasized that the most important barriers are the lack of treatment centers, and not high costs and lack of awareness, emphasizing that treatment centers have increased from 53 centers to 154 centers, stressing that the Ministry of Health has approved the use of antibody treatment and this reduced treatment.

He explained that the map of the disease has changed completely and that has made the world look at our plans successfully, explaining that we have not solved the problem of C virus, there is still a long way to go.

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