Friday , February 26 2021

Adding a “superfood” to our diet can reduce age-related illnesses

Various foods with important health benefits are called “superfoods” and are a simple and straightforward way to help reduce age-related illnesses and improve cognition.

When we think of these superfoods, we often think of blueberries, which the results of a recent study indicate their ability to improve the aging process and recommend that they become a staple of everyone’s daily diet.

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And in two different models of aging, blueberries have been shown to promote longevity, as they contain specific flavonoids that fight DNA damage and slow down age-related damage to brain cells.

Several studies have shown that blueberries protect the areas of the brain associated with memory from oxidative stress and inflammatory damage, helping to live a long life.

In one study, fruit flies were found to live 10% longer when fed a regular diet containing blueberry extract.

The fruit flies not only lived longer, but the results also showed improved levels of physical activity.

These improvements stem from increased oxidative stress tolerance and beneficial changes in the way some important genes are expressed.

It was also found that after taking berry extract supplements, these organisms lived an average of 28% for a longer period and their maximum life increased by 14%.

Flies showed a 20% reduction in an age-related protein that impaired function and dramatically improved stress tolerance in their environment.

In addition to extending the life of organisms, blueberries and their extracts slow down aging in individual tissues, providing broad physiological benefits, according to the Lifespan website.

The site added: “Along with increasing longevity, blueberries can specifically reduce the risk of various degenerative diseases that shorten human life. These types of fruits have many positive effects that can help with weight loss and maintenance”.

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He continued, “Studies show that animals fed berry extract while following a high-fat diet had lower overall weight gain and fewer accumulations of body fat compared to animals that did not obtain berries. It is important to note that the body fat loss was particularly the abdominal and liver areas, fat from these areas presents the highest risk of developing cardiovascular disease and other life-shortening obesity complications.

The site said: “Cranberry extracts improve the absorption of sugar into muscle cells, where it can be used as energy instead of being stored as fat.”

And blueberries are not only an increase in the longevity of the brain, but they also help maintain a clear memory.

Previous studies found that a group of healthy seniors performed better on cognitive tests when they consumed a daily dose of blueberry juice, were full of polyphenols, a group of compounds that contain anthocyanins, a nutrient that gives blueberries color.

Anthocyanin is a powerful brain drug as it reduces inflammation and helps nerve cells communicate and regulate how the brain uses glucose for energy.

And along with other antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables, eating blueberries can increase your total antioxidant intake to help reduce premature aging.

And blueberries are rich in antioxidants that help protect the skin from damage and promote skin healing.

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