Sunday , May 22 2022

Ahli announces the return date of Khatiba to Cairo


Fuad Sharif, spokesman for the Al Ahli club, announced the return of Mahmoud Al-Khatib's club president to Cairo, confirming that Bibo left the operating room at 12 noon.

He added "Sharif ", in the statement" Radio Sport FM ", that Hatib will remain in the intensive brigade for 48 years H He That He returns to Cairo two weeks later on December 2nd.

He continued: Hatib had a neck surgery in March, but the pain returned in August to find a tumor that affected the neck of the foot movement and caused a lot of back pain.

He added that al-Khatib refused to perform an operation in the past because he went through a difficult period that required his presence.

We are pleased to announce the return date of Al Khatib to Cairo, and we would like to remind all our respected visitors to transfer news from Sada Al-Balad. The most important news is the anchor news.
Ahli announces the return date of Khatiba to Cairo

Source: The Main News – Echo of the Earth

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