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Al-Bashaier's short-film Alexander's novel thanks to dr. Khaled Abdul Jalil


Short film Alekandria thanks dr. Khalid Abdul Jalil

Tuesday, 13 November 2018 6:27:03 – Readers 31

Short film Alekandria thanks dr. Khalid Abdul Jalil

Director of "Alexandria Short Film" Mohamed Mahmoud thanked Dr. Khalid Abdel Galil, Advisor to the Minister of Culture for Cinema, for his interest in supporting the festival at his next session, expected in early April.

Mahmoud pointed out that the President of the National Center for Cinematography in the best way prevents the festival from going out, while Honorary President dr. Mohamed Al-Adl does not respect any efforts in monitoring all technical and logistical details and providing valuable advice.

The film festival in Alexandria will continue to feature films by mid-December, and the film will open for students from the new year to two months, while the watch committee will be announced in the coming days.

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