Monday , April 12 2021

Al-Buhaira wins first place in the Arab world at the Mandarin Speaking competition

Major General Hisham Amna, the governor of Al-Buhaira, affirmed his support and attention to the outstanding students of the province as they represent the hope and future that has been entrusted to them to carry the message of development and prosperity of our beloved Egypt, referring to the efforts made and providing all the capacities and educational means available to perfect and develop the talents of students through various educational activities Encouraging them and investing their energy in various artistic, cultural and sporting fields, as it is one of the axes of the new education system and a locomotive to cross the prospects of a bright and promising future with the arms of their children.

This came after announcing that three students from the Buhaira governorate won first place at the Arab world level in the contest to speak classical Arabic, rhetoric and poetic recitation, delve into the study of grammar and blink the name. from Egypt to tweet between countries. and show everyone that leadership is always Egyptian.

Yasser Mahmoud, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education of Al-Beheira, indicated that the winning students are Suhaila Saad Jaballah, second year of high school, at the experimental school Ismail Al-Habrouk – Bandar Damanhour Administration, and that has been climbing in the qualifiers of the Arab world (secondary stage).

Abdullah Muhammad Nasr Saad is in his second year of high school at the Al-Nour School for the Blind – Bandar Damanhour Administration and has been promoted to the list of qualifiers in the Arab world as a “high school” the Preparatory School of Eastern Qatar – Abu Homs Educational Administration and obtained the first place at the level of the Republic «Preparatory Stage».

Governor Al-Buhaira expressed his happiness, pride and pride for the winning students, stressing that they are honorable role models for them and their peers to emulate in all fields, and urged them to continue the march of the success and excellence in your future life and achieve your goals and ambitions.

Referring to the stability and special care that the educational process is assisting in Al-Buhaira for talented students, emphasizing the need to instill the values ​​of citizenship and concern for new youth and encourage them to speak out. in classical Arabic.

It should be noted that the government of Al-Buhaira won first place in this competition last year, when student Nouran Faisal Kfoury, a third-year preparatory student of the Shubra Wasim Joint Preparatory School of the Education Administration of Kom Hamada, obtained the final mark in the evaluation of the competition and obtained the first place in the Arab world The Arab League awarded the competition to speak classic Arabic, rhetoric, poetic recitation and to deepen in the study of the grammar for the year 2019/2020.

Students in the secondary and preparatory phases of different Arab countries participate in this competition and the evaluation process is divided into an oral evaluation that includes various branches of language (grammar, morphology, rhetoric and literature) and another editorial evaluation and includes branches (reading the Qur’an, poetic recitation and improvisational speech) as the competition measures students ’abilities in improvisational rhetoric, letter outings, adherence to grammar rules, facial expressions, performance representations, self-confidence and culture general of language.

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