Wednesday , December 8 2021

Al Vaelan Trading wins two awards from the Hiundai Prize 2018


Al Vaalan's merchant company, Hiundai Middle East Car Dealer, won two Hiundai Motors International awards in 2018, following the success of the company to win the two most important categories of awards that Hiundai Motors has assigned to its agencies around the world annually.

In the first category, the awards are awarded to Hiundai Motor Agents who develop their exhibition networks and improve the level of subsequent services and continue successful investments with the Hiundai brand in their areas of business.

In the second category of business development and innovation in advanced digital services, Al-Valan Trading Compani is increasingly interested in upgrading the Hiundai brand and finding digital solutions for various services in the automotive sector.

On the other hand, Al-Valan Trading Compani has won the second prize in this area after signing a contract with IDrive ID Drive, which is in line with digital technologies and solutions that Al-Valan Trading Compani uses to upgrade its services and introduce advanced technology.

Fahad bin Saad Al Vaalan, vice president of Al Vaalan, received the Mike Songa, Vice President of Hiundai and Chief Executive Officer of Africa and the Middle East at the official celebration. "We have received these prestigious awards. The company is in the process of development, marketing, sales and support services, as well as raising the level of employees and improving the working environment and continuous investment in the development of our centers and services, and for this employment and its customers and partners in success By continuing this trend, we maintain a level of excellence in order to achieve more success in our partnership with Hiundai Motors. "

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