Thursday , May 19 2022

Algeria Today is the death of a child suspected of being "bohemian" in Tissemselt


Algeria today – The Tissemsilt Health and People's Directorate, on Sunday night, the death of a child suspected of having a disease, "Buhmurun".

A five-year-old boy who belongs to the nomadic Bedouins (from the state of Djelfa), who lives near the village of Salmaneh in the Laaioune municipality, died at the level of the public health institution Tissemselt, where his condition was complex, Adding that this condition was suspected of the goddesses.

The same source added that the Directorate recorded the first case of the death of a two-year-old child last Saturday, the second child died at the level of a public institution in the hospital at the end of the border, where it also suspects the Buhmurun disease.

Two blood sample children were taken for analysis at the Pasteur Institute in Algeria, to determine if they actually had an obstruction.

Immediately after the death of two children, the Directorate of Health and Population sent a team of Epidemiology and Prevention Department of Teneh al-Hadid's public health institution to conduct an epidemiological inquiry among the nomadic population currently living near the village of Salman in Laaioune, with a campaign for the vaccination of your children from smallpox.

The same body confirmed that the families of the Bedouin nomads in this area refused to vaccinate their children against this disease.

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