Monday , August 15 2022

An image that arouses controversy and confusion among the public: “A man, Engi Ali, where is he?”


An image that combines Engy Ali, Maya Diab, Hassan Abu Al-Roos, Dina El-Sherbiny, at the opening ceremonies of the El Gouna Film Festival, in its fifth session, which began yesterday, provoked a wide controversy among the public, so it overcame the Twitter trend and the Facebook trend, due to the large number of activists talking about it.

The reason for this is due to the angle from which the photo was taken, as Engi Ali’s leg seemed non-existent, which made the label “Inji Ali’s Man” the most important of Twitter.

And a story called “Something of Joy to God” tweeted, “I don’t know if this is an optical illusion or that the rest of Angie will go where she goes,” while another account, called “Al-Mizan,” he mocked, saying, “The competition to find a man Anji Ali in this photo. The winner has only one boot from whatever store he chooses.” An account called “Shireen” said, “Facebook is on the journey of finding a man, Angie Ali,” while another said it ridiculed the initiative launched by artists to donate organs after death.

He wrote, “The organ donation season has begun … A man who saved me ?!”, referring to him who decided to give his foot, and another said, “This image can consume generations to discuss, decipher its symbols, dimensions, messages and motives that saw it ”.

In another context, El Gouna Festival aims to present a wide variety of films to an enthusiastic and film-loving audience, as well as create better intercultural communication through the art of cinema and connect filmmakers from the region with the its international counterparts, in order to enhance the spirit of cooperation and cultural exchange.

In addition, the festival is committed to discovering new cinematic voices and wants to be a catalyst for the development of cinema in the Arab world.

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