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Before he was honored at the Cairo Film Festival .. 6 emphasizes the House of Nazim


Before being honored at the Cairo Film Festival .. 6 accentuates Hisham Nazih Saku Nevsu quoting Al Wathan who was released before his honor at the Cairo Film Festival. He emphasizes 6 information about Hisham Nazieh, before his honor at the Cairo Film Festival. About Hisham Nazieh To our new visitors, we spread across our Sakr Nevs site and start with the most important news before we start at the Cairo Film Festival. Top 6 information about Hisham Nazim.

Sakr Nevs The film festival in Cairo, under the presidency of producer Mohammed Hafizi, will be held on November 20 and 29, and Hisham Nathi awards the Faten Hamam Prize for excellence and give it to creators who achieved a tangible film achievement in a relatively early age, When Nazhi began his artwork in composing a music video for Historia with artist Ahmed Zaki and performed it within one week at the age of 24.

And the monitoring of "Sakr Nevs" highlights 7 information about Hisham Nazieh, before his honor, at the "Cairo Film Festival":

Born in October 1972, he began his career in musical composition in 1992 and made many works of art, including "Magician" and "Peace and Specter".

– His first professional work, through Histria, "late artist Ahmed Zaki, in 1998, director Adel Adib.

– Production of sound recordings for numerous films including "Peace and the Snake", "Haramieh in KG2", "Love and Hoy", "Ibrahim Al Abiad", "Bilil Hieran", "Ks Large", "The Treasure" and "Rizk . "

– He presented music for numerous series, including "Afrah Al-Kubba," "Alliance: Allowed Words", "Seven Commandments", "Sherbat Luz", "Nakdab if we say" Mabnash "and" Friendli Fire ".

– He has won many awards including the best soundtrack for "The Last Lecture", "The Original" and "The Valls of the Moon" from the Arab Film Award, as well as the best music award for "The Magician", "Tito "Sahar Al Laiali" and "Blue Elephant" from the Film Society and the Catholic Center.

– won the Best Music Award for his film "Omar 2000" from the Mediterranean Film Festival of the Mediterranean.

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