Thursday , August 11 2022

Ceramics Kleopatra "does not go to the stadium of the performer and we do not need training


Moataz Al-Batavi, general ball controller at Ceramics Cleopatra, thanked the security organs, the Egyptian Football Federation and the Arab Abroad Administration, led by Eng. Mohammed Mohsen Salah, after the club's permission to play their matches at the Arabian Stadium in the second division.

Batavi said: "I thank the security organs and the federation of stars and Arab contractors for transferring games from the new Suez stadium to the Arabian stadium."

"Ceramics Cleopatra has not been accustomed to playing at the stadium of Arab performers and we do not need training. The team is trained in a subfield of defense defense stadium," he said.

"This season we are targeting the Premier League," he said. "The team has a high level technical appliance and a special group of players that can do it."

"We use the current suspension period to face some of the mistakes that the team made in the previous games, and we hope the team will return the top of the group."

Cleopatra Ceramica is the second in the Cairo second division with 17 points.

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