Friday , May 20 2022

Delete Salin membership? Club on his behalf .. This is the truth about what happened


Gamri Abdelhamid Al-Saadani, vice president of the Negrejo club, denied that he had removed Liverpool star Mohammed Salah.

"Nobody dares to cancel members of Salah, the club is on his behalf, and this is an honor for us," Al-Saadani told

"Membership in Salah Kant (Tala's membership) and just a few days ago became a working member, he must pass the membership all year round, until he is able to participate in the General Club Association."

"It has nothing to do with his membership, he must pass the full year of membership in order to be able to run and vote."

"Subscription payment is easy and will not interfere with anything."

On Saturday, Salah for the second consecutive year rewarded the award for the African Player of the Year, hoping to keep the award after a tense year with Egypt and Liverpool.

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It is a fact that happened (translated by the browser of Egypt 24 and transferred from the source (in July) and does not reflect the view of the location and the liberation policy, but the Responsibility of News and its importance rests on the original publisher, who is in July.

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