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Democratic intransigence and the trinity of “tyrants, extremists and invaders” in the Arab world


When the plane begins to descend to approach the ground, the first thing you see is green. An endless green. Then small water-like sparks appear on the pink grass after a refreshing rain. The spreading green continues “as far as you can see.”

The plane continues to descend and you will see scattered or meeting houses, with their different colors and shapes, among trees and green spaces. I approached and discovered that those sparkles were nothing but the windows of the colored cars lined up along the intersecting streets.

It’s Monreale from above.

I traveled in anticipation of travel concerns due to the complex sanitary and administrative measures of the airports due to the aforementioned Covid. But the flight, reception and organization were comfortable at all airports. Maybe more than normal travel times. Perhaps they became accustomed to Covid procedures and made them more organized and efficient. In addition to the coincidence that there is no congestion at airports. And maybe luck.

Like every time I get to Montreal, I feel safe from my being’s head. In Montreal, you can be sure that they will not be harassed or subjected to insufficient job performance. There you will have your rights as a human being under the auspices of a just law and a judiciary that is not subject to threats like Wafiq Safa (Hezbollah security officer). And in the hands of friendly employees who know that their job is to welcome you and make your stay easier.

It’s waiting time. Here I will not live worried about waiting for tomorrow and what it will bring us, or cutting off electricity and gas from the car, or newsletters or the ringing of a phone that will bring you an unpleasant surprise. You will plan your days as you wish and you will get your programs without obstacles.

I hoped Montreal would seem more affected by the Covid pandemic. The shops were closed due to the stone caused by the pandemic and the resulting bankruptcies. And I expected less traffic on the streets. Of course, many stores have closed, but new ones seem to have started to appear, in addition to an active constructive movement.

Monreal seemed to have regained his breath and fitness. Santa Caterina Street, the main avenue that crosses Montreal and passes through downtown, is very lively and bustling with life during the day and especially at night. Its part, which passes through the city center every year, is closed to cars and becomes a pedestrian area from May to the end of September. It extends over its entire group of people who practice various activities. Art galleries in some corners for various art professionals or amateurs. the bands play for free, and sometimes the township pays for some nightly shows in a square near the Berry-Occam subway; Or films and exhibitions of drawing and various arts. Playing, dancing and songs are popular, especially at night, in the Place des Arts area, where there is a museum and a theater. It is an area characterized by theatrical performances and works of art, bookstores, cafes, restaurants and shopping malls. Near the Galerie La Baie, a miniature of the famous Galerie Lafayette, there are also various activities, as well as stalls selling various types of products during the day and night.

Canadian streets of Montreal

Canadian streets of Montreal

This year I attended some of the Jazz Festival concerts that were delayed due to the pandemic. It was held annually between June and July, but its organizers made sure to hold it from September 15-19, at least. Maybe as an essay in preparation for next year. The last festival two years ago included 400 international jazz groups from around the world, making it the largest jazz festival. This year’s preventive measures made it difficult to accommodate and crowd the usual large crowds.

This vitality and joy in the streets of Canada makes me sad and I am saddened by the enormity of what has happened in Beirut in particular and elsewhere in Lebanon. From Hamra Street, which turned against itself and became a stranger, to Mikhael Sea, which was destroyed by the August 4 explosion, via Jounieh, Kaslik, Al-Zouk, Jbeil , Batroun, Tripoli, Baalbek, Beiteddine, Shooting and all over the world. other places full of festivities and joy that affected the peoples scattered throughout the other regions.

All of them were destroyed by a pandemic of an authority that committed crimes against its people and its country. Lebanon, which was the center of cultural and artistic activities with its own capabilities, despite the lack of state sponsorship or its absence. It has become a graveyard of talent and activities of all kinds and forms. Despite the insistence of some to do the impossible to save some activities from the heart of the darkness in which we have been immersed.

His last feat after the formation of the new government, whose only apparent function so far seems to be to stop the incursion into the corridors of Hell; The confidence session of the House of Representatives was delayed for 40 minutes due to the onset of current !! Until a tank arrived that was honored by the “Amanah” company, which the Iranian party entrusted with the task of selling Iranian oil, with the goal of possibly saving its divine party from bankruptcy. Tank owners wanted to document the Al-Karm Al-Hatemi incident in a video, confirming the violation of sovereignty. Like a video of the nuns of an orphanage in the Bekaa, in which they thank the master and his party for their generosity, a statement of submission. The only novelty here is that the theme of praise has become diesel instead of the sacred shoe.

Thus, he turned Eastern Switzerland into a ball thrown by the feet of the proud Persians.

The ruling party manipulated citizens, their interests and feelings, with stunts that overcame the most powerful regimes that used lies and propaganda and distracted people from their outrageous practices. They smuggle our oil, which has run out of treasure, to trade in illegal smuggling Iranian oil to sell it at a slightly lower price !! A beautiful promotion and, as the saying goes, “He who anoints him is small!”

The feats of our powers have no limits. Instead of being ashamed of themselves and supporting basic institutions such as hospitals, nursing homes and generators, which they installed by law as an alternative to Electricité du Liban, or public transport vehicles, they were allowed to buy diesel “exceptionally” priced at £ 8,000 !! For the following institutions: the Presidential Palace, the Council of Ministers, the House of Representatives, as well as the water institutions in Lebanon, the Ogero Authority and the Alpha and Touch companies.

And if it is understandable to support water institutions, Ogero and mobile companies; What is the justification for excluding ourselves from the hell to which we were led? Do the official palaces that have become homes for them, their families and their followers, deserve the support of hospitals, for example?

You move away from your country, but you take it with you. Whenever I walk the streets of Montreal, sprinkled with tables and chairs in various squares and gardens for children full of all kinds of games; I think of the private Lebanese child

School, where toys, chocolate bars and even milk are out of your reach.

The latest achievement of the municipality of Montreal is the distribution of clean water machines, such as hospitals, at different points on the street. Which reminded me of what we used to call the old golden age: “the road.” Remember the drinking water taps placed on the street corners to quench the thirst of passers-by on the roads?

It is from the Ottoman era !!

But so far, the Minister of Social Affairs is taking us away. His plan is to take us back to the time of barter.

May God have mercy on Al-Za’ni and his proverb: May God grant you, Beirut and Tran Beirut …

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