Saturday , August 20 2022

Development perspectives in the Arab world


Dr. Tarek El-Gammal, president of the Assiut University, announced the launch of the international scientific conference "Development Perspectives in the Arab World – Legal Vision" organized by the University in collaboration with the University of Zarqa in Jordan on Sunday. April 15 and 16 in Hurghada.

Al-Gammal commented on Saturday in a press statement that the conference aims to shed light on the directions of all Arab countries to achieve development and discuss the activation mechanisms and their close relationship with the law.

Shehata Ghareeb Shalqami, Vice President of Education and Student Affairs and chair of the Conference's preparatory committee, said that it was about discussing several important issues through various scientific sessions, which include clarifying the role of international conventions in the Attainment of development, intellectual property legislation and its role in development. The effectiveness of national laws to achieve development, development under the provisions of Islamic law, constitutional guarantees for the protection of foreign investments, civil and criminal protection of foreign investments, the role of the sector Banking in the economic development and the promotion of Foreign Investments.

He added that the activities of the conference also include a training course in the arbitration of intellectual conflicts, which will continue during the three days of the conference and will discuss important issues such as an arbitration agreement in intellectual property disputes, lectual, drafting of an arbitration agreement and its practical problems, arbitration disputes in domain names, arbitration disputes in contracts received On the exploitation of intellectual property rights and international arbitration centers, where The professors are specialized in the fields of public, private, civil and mercantile international law.

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