Thursday , August 22 2019
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Egypt chairs the meeting of the Investment Committee in the Arab States


The meeting of the Investment Committee in the Arab States, chaired by Dr. Amr Haidar, representative of the General Investment Authority in Egypt, and the participation of representatives of investment agencies in Arab countries began at the headquarters of the General Secretariat of the League of Arab States.
Dr. Thamer Al-Ani, director of the Department of Economic Relations of the League of Arab States, said the objective of the meeting is to study the observations of the Arab countries to achieve a new investment agreement between Arab countries to keep up with the world's advances and the changes in the field of investment. Evolution of the fourth and fifth economies and globalization.
Al-Ani said that the target of these three-day talks is to adopt comments from some Arab countries on the revised investment agreement approved by the Riyadh Economic Summit in 2013, which It was only ratified by about ten Arab countries, as there are many comments from the Member States.
He noted that Arab inter-Arab investments are still weak compared to the size of Arab broad production, where the gross domestic product of the Arab countries was $ 2 trillion and $ 700,000 million in 2018.
He underlined the importance of developing a new Arab investment agreement, taking into account all these previous developments, adapting to global economic developments and encouraging intra-Arab investment.

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