Thursday , July 7 2022

Egyptian incidents – security examines the unemployed behind a civilian abduction by motorcycle with a picnic


Police investigators Nozha are investigating unemployed persons who are specialized in motorcycle theft to point out that they have committed other similar incidents,

During an examination of the security situation in Taha Husein Street, the investigators could arrest Ahmed Tarek, 20 unemployed, and Mohammed A, 34, unemployed. Earlier he was charged in three cases, of which the last "drug". The case "Abdul" and sentenced to two years in prison.

In the test, they were caught with a motorcycle without black boxing metal plates, a Huawei silver-colored mobile phone brand, a white-collar weapon "Mutavih" and faced with the recognition of the theft of a motorcycle style "wire delivery", a mobile phone "hijacking" by taking the motorola in their possession.

He discovered that Mustafa M, 27, an engineer and the development of their discussion, recognized their formation as a gangster, whose criminal activity was dedicated to the killing of citizens in the "kidnapping" style. Using motorcycles that were occupied in their possession and admitted that they had committed 2 cases, he changed the method and published the necessary minutes, and the investigative prosecution investigated.

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