Tuesday , May 18 2021

«Ezz»: I finished the toughest scene in the movie «Corridor»

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Star Ahmed Ezz finished shooting scenes of Ismailia and Suez for his "Corridor" film, the latest in the Tal Salama area to the east of the Suez Canal, with the participation of a large number of actors, including artists of Ahmed Rizz, Mohammed Faragra, Mohammed El Sharnoubia and Ahmed Salah.

In his address to Al-Masri Al-Ioum al-Masri Al-Ioum, he said: "I have completed 90% of the action scenes, the rush and most of the battles that are the hardest in this paper." This is epic military action for an important period of Egyptian history. the war of damage after 67 years of defeat, the story of Amir Thaimi in his first film.

He added "Izz": I am ready to travel to the city of Nuveiba within two days to record more outdoor scenes and end up with all viewers at the end of December. "His movie" Valid Rizk 2 "said that he is still in the process of writing and that he will start filming immediately after the script written by Salah Al-Juhani, and directed by Tarek Al-Erian.

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