Saturday , November 27 2021

FilGoal | News Ramadan Subhi talks about Gali's crisis and national team .. "Ahli players are abused"


Ramadan Subhi, the English player of Hadersfield, spoke of an incident that pulled Hossam Ghali out of the Egyptian team, pointing out that Al Ahli players were abused.

Hossam Ghali was away from Egypt from March 2016 until his retirement because he described it as "a lack of access to Ahli rights players and inadequate talk with them." (See details)

"It happened during the Nigerian match, and a bad attitude happened to us, especially with the players of Al Ahli," Ramadan said in remarks at the ONE stadium.

"But Hossam Ghali stood and betrayed us, he can not tolerate the abuse of Ahli."

"Hossam Ghali had a history to be able to take part in the World Cup in 2018 in Russia, but we can say that he lost something for the group."

Hossam Ghali withdrew from football in May this year after a long trip between Ahli, Feyenoord Holland, Tottenham, Derby Countia, Saudi victories and the Belgian Liers.

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