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GEM pays bonuses to maintain senior managers


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GEM paid bonuses to maintain its top fund managers on the Al Shorouk website on Saturday, November 17, 2018.

The German Holding Fund Management Fund, GM Holding, offers special awards to its main fund managers to keep them and stay away from work elsewhere, as part of the company's measures to keep the crisis they were facing and encourage some investors to withdraw their money, sources . His action fell.

The company, based in the Swiss city of Zurich, offers deferred payments to its fund managers, which will be paid within two to three years, the source agency Bloomberg reported.

Suspension of Tim Haivood bonds manager in July last year triggered a crisis in the company, which led to buyers pulling billions of francs from their assets and the departure of general manager Alec Friedman.

At the same time, GM is in informal negotiations with potential customers for all or parts of its activities, although the lack of funds from the company or the remaining issues of controlling or controlling the company can prevent some potential customers from concluding a contract.

GMH said Haivood violated the company's rules on receiving gifts or recreational flights and also violated a rule by which two officials are required to make any investment decision.

The Haivood scandal has led to a fall in property values ​​managed by a Swiss company for $ 18 billion in the three months to the end of September.

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Source: Shorouk Gate

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