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Governor Beheire: Ambulance in local rainwater treatment units


Ghada Aldsonsi

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Saturday 10 November 2018 – 1:05 p
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Saturday 10 November 2018 – 1:05 p

Major-General Hisham Amna, the governor of the lake, emphasized local community leaders to raise the level of readiness for a maximum range of winter and seasonal rainfall centers.

The governor monitored the work of pumping rainwater, removing accumulations and gatherings in the areas of Šubra, agricultural road and charity bank in front of the cathedral, and a charity road as a result of precipitation.

He stressed the readiness of all local units, water and sanitation companies and civil protection for rainwater this season, by abolishing the leave of irrigation, drainage, mechanics and electricity officials to prepare for the rains or lush rains to quickly rain , Emergency and emergency situation in the General Office for Maintenance 24 hours for speed of intervention and handling in case of any case.

He pointed out that reports are received from the main operating room of the governor by a continuous timely report, as well as monitoring the sub-rooms and to ensure the willingness of all those concerned to deal with the expected rain and floods.

He added that on Friday a meeting was held of all executive bodies for quick intervention in the event of a crisis and the resolution of rainwater in all the cities of the province.

Official site officials maintain a social networking site "Facebook", receive reports from people about rainbows and immediately deal with it and the governors to use local vehicle units to prevent the existence of a pool of water in the street's circumference.

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