Thursday , October 6 2022

Home: Elisa on her disappearance after cancer treatment: "I was 5 kilograms inexpensive"


Libyan singer Elissa, the secret of her disappearance after cancer recovery, explaining how she was traveling to be able to reduce her weight.

During her participation in the second part of the program, Elissa added a program "M & Mouk" with Mona Shazli, who broadcast on CBC television: "She only lost 5 pounds." Chazli adheres to her: "A success story. "

"I love myself, I love time, I like spa and boutiques, and the kid is working on strengthening my immune system."

Libyan singer Elissa announced last August to recover from breast cancer and called for early detection.

She collaborated with many poets, composers and distributors, including Mohammad Iahia, Rami El Shafei, poet Shadi Nour, music distributors Kamil Khouri, Valid Saad, Prince Taima and others.

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