Wednesday , March 3 2021

How much did Tesla earn with his $ 1.5 billion investment in Bitcoin?

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Stock Photo: Famous American businessman Elon Musk

The media estimated that the company “Tesla”, affiliated with the famous American businessman Elon Musk, derives profits from its investment of about 1.5 billion dollars in the currency “Bitcoin”, which is witnessing a recent increase in the amount.

And Tesla previously revealed that it had bought Bitcoins in January worth $ 1.5 billion. The company also indicated that it would sell its products with Bitcoin in the future.

After the announcement, the “Bitcoin” currency soars, as it records record levels every day and today the most famous digital currency in the world was traded above the level of 57 thousand dollars, a historic level.

According to the current price of bitcoin, the possession of this currency by Tesla is equivalent to about $ 2.58 million, an increase of $ 1.08 million over the amount invested ($ 1.5 billion).

That means “Tesla” will make $ 1.08 million in profits if it sells its bitcoins.

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