Tuesday , September 27 2022

In 2018 This number .. Tamer Hosni the highest in the history of the Egyptian film


2018 looks like a year of luck for Tamer Hosni. After the success of his lyric album Aish Beshouk, the young man ends with a new film success.

His film earned high revenues, making it the tallest in the history of the Egyptian film, after exceeding all the figures they scored in the race to reach 60 million pounds.

"In fact, I do not like to talk about the figures of my films, but I have to speak and speak, and I am happy with all my heart," wrote Tamer Hosni on his official Facebook page.

He continued: "Al-Naharah Al-Badalah achieved an exceptional number, the first time he achieved the highest number in the history of Egyptian and Arabic films in Egypt and abroad, so I have to rejoice and rejoice in some, and the history was necessary for Testimony of the investigation, because it was a dream from my dreams …
And my security was achieved in the cinema and I did not mean the idea of ​​a popular consensus to go to the film and praise it, and another because it's my idea.

"Of course, this is the success of all respected worker teams .. And the good spirit that was the reason for this and the joy of the other because the year of the album Aish Bshoukk achieved the highest sales .. Praise Allah, thank God."

"Costume" revolves around Akrama, whose character Tamer Hosni, who is invited to attend the party, and has decided to wear a police uniform, which makes him suffer a crisis as a policeman, searching for certain files. Ironically.

Film "Suit" Aiman ​​Bahgat Kamar, producer Valid Mansour, and the story starring Tamer Hosni, starring Amina Khalil, Magdal El Masri, Dalal Abdel Aziz, Mahmoud El Bazzavi, Hassan Hosni, Tahir Abou Laila, Mohamed Siraj, Emi Samir Ghanem , Ahmed Zaher, Ahmed Shubair, Magdi Abdel Ghani and Tamer Amin.

Labormakers also announced their intention to do the second part after the success of the first in the Egyptian cinema.

During the journey Tamer Hosni, he managed to achieve great numbers at the box office and successive successes, his unique mix of comedy, singing and romance, in order to become a large number of people to ensure the success of his works.

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