Sunday , March 29 2020
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In a few hours .. The government to deposit the "cache" transactions


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On Wednesday, the government will begin to implement the electronic payment system, which obliges all parties and citizens to pay any amount greater than 500 pounds electronically, thus depositing cash transactions.

The Treasury Ministry said that it has completed the necessary measures to implement the new system to initiate the payment of the financial quotas of the citizens' governments, including taxes and customs duties, from # 1 of May, explaining in a statement Tuesday that the amounts may be less than 500 pounds And the payment of additional expenses that represent administrative expenses for those who wanted to pay 10% more than the amount outside the electronic system, noting that the higher amounts 10,000 pounds will be paid through branches of banks operating in the banking market.

The Ministry indicated that the dependence of electronic payment of all those related to the revenues and payments of government agencies comes to implement the decisions of the National Payments Council for the transformation in a digital society and the achievement of financial coverage, noting that in terms of mechanisms and means of electronic payment, they will use payment cards or bank cards, prepaid cards, or credit cards, or by means of online payment, which explain the realization of the creation of financial databases of various Government agencies, which allow citizens to pay directly through their accounts for public banking services.

On the other hand, the banks that operate in the local market began the preparations to receive the new system.

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