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It uses vitamin D in the treatment of cough


You now monitor the benefits of vitamin D in the treatment of cough, written by Iasmin Amr – and now we enter into the details

A recent study has shown that low levels of vitamin D are significantly associated with an increased incidence of recurrent respiratory infections and chronic cough in children.

Chronic cough and vitamin d

Chronic cough is a cough that lasts for more than four weeks, and it is estimated that 22% of children have chronic cough. Chronic cough can develop due to various causes, such as persistent bacterial bronchitis, upper respiratory tract infections, asthma or gastroesophageal reflux disease. Vitamin D plays a vital role in the immune system by regulating the activity of various immune cells, reducing levels of inflammatory proteins with increased production antimicrobial preparations. This combination of functions has led researchers to evaluate the role of vitamin D in various Immune conditions associated with it, and one respiratory infection.

Studies have found that maintaining normal levels of vitamin D is not only associated with reducing the risk of respiratory infections, but also reduces the inconvenience of people with occasional respiratory infections. Recently, researchers conducted a study in children to further assess the relationship between breathing infections and vitamin D levels, in addition to determining the relationship between vitamin D and chronic cough, compared the levels of vitamin D among 101 children with chronic cough, 98 children with repeated respiratory infections, and 124 healthy children.

The researchers wanted to know if children who suffered from chronic cough and recurrent respiratory infections had lower vitamin D levels than healthy children.

1. The average levels of vitamin D were 11.96 ng / ml and 13.76 ng / ml in children with recurrent respiratory infections and chronic cough, and levels were significantly lower than the average intake of vitamin D in healthy children, Which was 31, 91 ng / ml.

The lack of vitamin D was associated with an increased incidence of recurrent respiratory infections and chronic cough.

Treatment of cough with vitamin d

Joint administration of vitamin D, which takes 5000 IU daily for 3 months, may be appropriate in preventing repeated respiratory infections and chronic cough. A simple intervention of vitamin D supplements seems promising in the prevention of infection and chronic cough in children, the study has yielded interesting results, but it is important to remember that the study shows that the lack of vitamin D is associated with recurrent respiratory infections and chronic cough but does not indicate that vitamin D deficiency directly causes these conditions or is the only cause.

Risk of high doses of vitamin D

The study, published in BMJ (British Medical Journal), looked at 25 studies of thousands of people to find the net effect of vitamin D supplementation, and the study said that a sudden high dose of vitamin D disrupts the mechanism of the body for the production and maintenance of vitamin D, and in addition and this dose, which includes 50,000 IU of vitamin D, and if the doctor described the addition of one of the 50,000 vitamin D units, the patient should explain to him that this is bad for the body, because vitamin D is more effective than D. Used for a long period, through daily doses, promotions and improvements in upnog health. Vitamin D3 is widely available in health food stores or pharmacies, which is a low price.

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