Sunday , May 16 2021

Laila Alvi Llbaba: Every year I have a cinema butterfly and a source of joy for everyone

Laila Alawi congratulated her friend on her birthday on Wednesday, where she sent a message on her Facebook page to Facebook: "Every year I'm a cinema butterfly and a source of joy for everyone," she said.

Today, on Wednesday, the birthday artist comes to Lalb, where she was born November 14, 1945, and is now 73 years old.

The legal name of Lalba is Ninushka Manoj Kopalian, an Armenian family of Syrian descent, who was born and lived in Cairo and began her career in 1951.

She has been successful in producing dozens of successful films and series for more than 50 years, at all stages of her life, a child, a young woman and a mother.

Among her most important films are "Against the Government" with the late artist Ahmed Zaki, Hamad and Tutu Gang, "Watch the Line" and "Oven on the Security Side" with Adela Imam.

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