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Mubasher the other half .. Egypt 2-1 Tunis … Masurian

03:30 PM

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Books – Mohamed Iousri Morshed:

Visitors to Masrawi Al-Karama have followed us a direct report of a friendly match between the Egyptian Olympic team and his Tunisian counterpart in the preparations for the African Cup qualifying for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

The formation of Egypt was as follows:

Saving goal: Omar Radvan.
Defense: Osama Jalal, Ahmed Ramadan Bekam, Mahmoud Al Jazeer.
Middle: Camacho, Ramadan Subhi, Akrim Tavfik, Nasser Maher, Mohamed Sadik.
Attack: Nasser Mansi, Mustafa Mohammed.

Summary of the first half

The Egyptian Olympic team presented their Tunisian counterpart 2-1 to a friendly match that hosted a sub-field at the Burj Al Arab Stadium as part of preparations for the 2020 African Games.

Tunisia played 16 minutes after Ramadan Sobhi defeated Osama Galal, the defender's heart. Mustafa Mohammed came back in the 26th minute, and the result came from a double side wall that missed Vaseem Al-Karavi. In the 29th minute, Taking into account the occasional Nasser Maher.

The first half has become central and almost individually for the performance of the Egyptian team, whose players have missed many opportunities.

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