Sunday , May 16 2021

NASA publishes the first audio recording of Mars. Know the details

The US space agency “NASA” on Tuesday unveiled the first audio recording of Mars, documented by the Perseverance spacecraft, as well as a video clip showing the landing of the vehicle on the surface of the red planet.

In a statement from the US channel Al-Hurray, NASA said that although the vehicle’s microphone did not work during landing, it was able to pick up the sound of a puff of air on the surface of Mars after of his landing on a mission to search for traces of past life and reveal the secrets of the second.

“What can be heard within ten seconds of the recording is the sound of air on the surface of Mars, which was picked up by the microphone and transmitted to Earth,” said Dave Growell, the chief engineer who oversaw the camera and microphone systems of the vehicle. , according to AFP.

The agency also released the first video of the landing of the vehicle heading to the red planet, lasting three minutes and 25 seconds, and shows the launch of a landing parachute decorated in red and white, with a diameter of 21.5 meters.

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